Classic Slot Machines


Classic slots are the predecessors of the popular online slots. In contrast to videoslots, these slot machines have a classic look and feel. Many of these slots also show the entire slot machine instead of just the reels with symbols.

Classic slot machines have been on display for decades in bars, gambling halls and casinos. Nowadays, many of these slots also have an online version. Classic slots are different from video slots mainly because they have no fancy animations and offer no bonus symbols like Features and Wilds. This does not mean that playing on these slot machines is boring. Many can be just as extensive as video slots, with different functions that can be adjusted.

Finally, classic slots distinguish themselves from video slots by the symbols they use. While, today, video slots are mostly based on themes such as fairy tales, famous (rock )bands or popular movies, the old slots have more common themes with the same symbols including the lucky sevens, jokers, and the cherry theme; the classic slots are similar. A number of classic symbols include the ‘seven’ symbol, the lemon, the joker, cherries and other fruit symbols.

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